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The wind out of the desert is changing. I feel it. You feel it. A shiver in the midday heat. A crackle in the television broadcast. A shift in your immune system.

It is September, and something is different.

—Welcome to Night Vale, The September Monologues (via stephagnome)
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It will all be over soon, and then something else will take its place. Like waves, says the common metaphor. From dust to dust, says a simplified version of complicated philosophy. Hmmmz Hmmmz, says the Big Bang, still echoing quietly through everything it created. Let us return, one last time, before it, you, or anything else ends, to the September Monologues. —Episode 53, The September Monologues. (via hisnameiscarlos)
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Welcome to Night Vale - Episode 53, The September Monologues

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But every time I look up, I see them. Glowing arrows in the sky, dotted lines and circles, a great chart that explains it all, and I ask you, how can I know all of this? How can I understand, and not try to explain? How can I see the dotted lines so bright and tangible, and deny them?

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Echosmith - Surround You

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For anyone not familiar with how modern country sounds, these girls are calling out ACTUAL songs like making blatant references to ACTUAL lyrics from other songs on the radio.


One of the reasons I stopped listening to country was, when I was a kid, the radio was full of songs by women and songs that talked about women like they were actual people.

Now so many of the songs dont give women a personality, just describe things about them like their legs, their lips, how they look in your truck. Its just SO much objectification.

My sister just showed me this and its ADSFHASDFKLLKFH she even said she heard it on the radio im so happy

"I aint your tan legged juliet" IM SCREECHING

This is country music I would listen to.

I was waiting for tumblr to find this.

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Moving out of the apartment

This is, without a doubt, the saddest photo I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE.

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w e l c o m e   t o   n i g h t   v a l e

What a temporary perfection we can find in this passing world. Everything good, ever done, everything good that was done today; and all the good people doing it. And back, and back, and forward, and forward. All that beauty within a universe unraveling.Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, and yet it is. How unlikely! How fantastic! And stupid. And excellent.

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sorority Q&A: national sorority + a local sorority?


Q: I go to a school where we have all national sororities on campus and I am a member of Delta Zeta. Where I am thinking of transferring has no national sororities only local ones. I love my sisters dearly but would I still be allowed to join a local chapter at my new school? I know you’re not…

Sticking my nose in unasked to offer the opposite opinion! here goes:

GO FOR IT. I go to a large university with huge Greek life, not just IFC/NPC/Divine Nine, but smaller ones (national and local, coed and single sex, preprofessional, religious-related, service-related, etc.) as well, and I’m in a smaller, but still national, service sorority. Several girls in my sorority are also members in Panhellenic social sororities. You can be a member of both, and if you’re transferring to a school where there is no Panhel, joining a smaller sisterhood could make you feel at home right away. You know girls in a sorority are probably looking for some of the same things you are, and you can always go through rush and then decide joining a new sorority isn’t the right thing for you to do anyway.

Smaller sororities usually don’t have as high dues as Panhellenic sororities, so I don’t imagine it would be a too large financial burden to join a new sorority, and as for your amazing experiences in DZ, smaller sororities can be just as fun as larger ones. Don’t be held back by “loyalty” to your DZ sisters and be a sorority girl who will only associate with her own chapter. Remain friends with your old sisters, but make new ones too!

Anyway that’s my two cents; I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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